What we do

There are a multitude of bodies, profession registers, societies, and organisations in the homeopathy sector. These bodies provide valuable services in listing qualified homeopaths, providing information on training and often give guidance to the public on homeopathy.

Homeopathy International differs from other bodies in that whilst we also provide referral and education support, legal support, preferential-rate insurance, and a range of other services, we are pro-active and robust in both defending and promoting homeopathy. Benefits we are able to offer our members are detailed on the Why Join? page on our website.

Our Support Teams have an exceptional track record in defending practitioners against the claims made by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Our Communications Team leads on a number of high-profile actions including submission of evidence to the Commons Health and Social Care Committee and engagements with National Trading Standards Board, NHS England, The Department of Health, and the Department of Business Enterprise and Industrial Strategy.

Details of our communications with Government and with governmental bodies may be found on our Communications Page

Homeopathy International’s rapid growth and robust representation have provided a strength in unity and authoritative voice previously unseen in the discipline.


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