Becoming a Member

At Homeopathy International we try hard to make communication with our membership as easy as possible. We use the latest technology to make becoming a member and renewing your membership a smooth and efficient process.

What you will need

We will ask you to upload an image of your award/qualification.  This can be a scanned copy or a clear picture snapped on your mobile phone.  No more taking the qualifications off the wall and getting them copied!

Insurance is a condition of membership. If you have insurance in place, we will ask you to upload a picture of that too. If you are choosing to use the Homeopathy International Block Scheme insurance we will give you direction as part of the application process.

Becoming a member should take less than a week.

What to expect

Your Application for Membership is conducted entirely online and should take less than ten minutes to complete.  It can be done from any part of the world using almost any type of internet connected device.

When you have completed the Application for Membership and paid the applicable membership fee you will receive two emails.  One email will be a receipt for your payment.  The second email will confirm your application has been received and provide your Pending Membership Number.

Within two working days we will send to you another email.

If you have chosen to use the Homeopathy International Block Scheme insurance facility this email will provide password access to the insurance application process.  The insurance application process is also conducted entirely online with insurance documents being delivered by email attachment and usually within 2 hours.

If you have already provided evidence of your insurance this email will confirm your membership status and provide details of how to access your membership documents.





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