Why Support HINT?

It is not widely known but as a patient it is your right to choose the kind of medicine you want to use to resolve your issues and maintain your health. Your GP is legally obliged to provide you with information about options so that you can make an informed choice. That is your legal right and your GP’s legal obligation.
At HINT we take this to heart and work tirelessly to champion the right for patients to choose homeopathy and the rights for homeopaths to practise.
By supporting HINT, you will be playing a key role in maintaining patient choice by helping to keep homeopathy alive for generations to come.
Below are some of the other benefits to you of supporting our work:

Information and Alert Services: HINT supporters receive email alerts of actioned (or proposed) changes in law or regulation which may impact the availability of homeopathy or your ability to access homeopathy.

Patient Rights
: HINT supporters have access to a growing library of patient rights information and our collection of template letters.

: HINT supporters are amongst the first to be informed about our campaigning and lobbying action.  We offer the best routes for your voice to be heard as we continue to shout from the rooftops about homeopathy.

Newsletter: We publish a monthly electronic newsletter which can be accessed wherever you are in the world and on any device with an internet connection

For Homeopathy: By supporting us you:

  • Enable HINT to legally and publicly challenge misinformation and arguments against the restriction of homeopathy services
  • Support HINT’s distribution of factual information about homeopathy
  • Support HINT’s Government and aligned body engagements
  • Maintain our services for the public and the profession.

Become a HINT supporter
Our annual HINT supporter fee is just £36 – that is less than the price of a cup of coffee a month.

Support HINT with a donation
Every financial contribution, big or small, makes all the difference to our ability to champion the right for homeopaths to practise and the right for patients to choose homeopathy.

Your contribution will help us continue to demonstrate the potential of homeopathic medicine as a crucial part of healthcare in our rapidly changing world, and enable healthcare providers and governmental bodies to understand the resultant cost savings, both financial and in terms of human suffering.

If you value and enjoy access to homeopathy, please consider donating now.

Thank you!

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