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We are an international membership organisation which connects practitioners of homeopathic medicine, homeopathy colleges and the homeopathy profession.
In the UK we champion the right to practise for homeopaths and the right to choose for patients.
We demonstrate the potential of homeopathic medicine as a crucial part of healthcare in our rapidly changing world, and enable healthcare providers and governmental bodies to understand the resultant cost savings, both financial and in terms of human suffering.

As the push for a pharmaceutical monopoly spreads globally we support other international organisations in their fight to retain patient access to homeopathic medicine.
We enable patients, who want to exercise their right to choose homeopathy, to find well-trained homeopaths.
We provide the public with the facts about homeopathy so they can understand its potential as a viable alternative, and explain the ongoing threat at work to prevent patient access to this safe, effective, sustainable system of medicine.

Our six member Steering Committee is made up of homeopathic practitioners both medical and professional and patients who between them have worked with homeopathic medicine for more than 170 years. They have witnessed its potential as well as the campaign waged against it, and as a group are committed to protect access to this precious alternative at a time when it is needed more than ever.

The world is at a pivotal moment in medicine. The cost of pharmaceutical medicine is increasingly more expensive and threatens to bankrupt national health services, yet the rate of chronic disease increases year on year.
Despite the trillions of dollars involved, pharmaceutical medicine is now listed as one of the leading causes of death in the US. Iatrogenic disease, caused by medical error, including prescribed drugs and medical interventions, costs the UK NHS an additional £2 Billion a year and causes an unspecified number of hospitalisations and deaths.

The reality of Antimicrobial Resistance, described by Dame Sally Davies, the UK’s outgoing outgoing Chief medical advisor, as more dangerous than both terrorism and climate change, is already here.

But what if you knew there is another option? One that is safe, gentle and effective and that works with nature and not against it? That didn’t burden you with unwanted side effects, but resolved the symptoms you are suffering AND the underlying reason for them. As an added bonus your overall health is enhanced in the process.

What if it’s also affordable and implemented into the NHS with the immediate potential to save around 20% of the NHS budget, at the current budget that would be £25 Billion. Imagine the health enhancing measures that kind of money could fund, not to mention a pay increase for the currently overworked and underpaid staff.

The world is in desperate need of a safe, effective and affordable medicine that can provide primary health care. Fortunately that medicine already exists. Read more ……..

The world is waking up to the need to protect our environment, to use the earth’s resources wisely and to reduce pollution of all kinds. There is no longer any doubt that the increasing use of chemicals in our environment poses a serious danger to heath.
Homeopathy is sustainable, environmentally friendly and can provide true preventative medicine.

Homeopathic medicine has been part of the UK NHS for 70 years. It is manufactured in government regulated facilities, and prescribed by trained homeopaths – medical or professional. In fact globally Homeopathy is the second most often used and fastest growing system of medicine on the planet.  Read more ……..

In the last decade there has been a huge shift in scientific research, especially in the areas of the New Biology and Quantum Physics. Nobel prize winning scientists have confirmed there is another world beyond living cells. A world of subtle energy and communication that is way beyond what we experience as our material body. A level of biology that is not amenable to the harsh chemical medicines of the pharmaceutical industry.

Given this shift in how science sees the world, we can see that the pharmaceutical system of medicine remains stuck in the material world. It’s time for a subtle, safe and effective system of medicine that matches this new world view. A system that knows not just how to resolve health issues, but how to fundamentally create good health.

This latest shift in science supports homeopathic principles.
The ‘new’ science of epigenetics has always been a fundamental part of homeopathic medicine. The recent focus on Lifestyle Medicine is something that is an integral part of what a homeopath does. The advantage of high dilution, nanomedicine, is a cornerstone of our prescriptions. Individualisation of the patient is paramount to successful homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy is the medicine for the 21st century and its time has come.  Read more …….

They do! In the UK, the Faculty of Homeopathy prescribes it as part of the NHS. The Royal Family has had a homeopathic medical doctor since before Queen Victoria’s time, and medical doctors in countries as diverse as Switzerland, India, Mexico, South Africa and the UK prescribe homeopathy as part of their national health service.

It is an unfortunate truth that the fear of ridicule and of being ostracized by colleagues prevents many doctors from exploring ideas outside the narrow field of pharmaceutical medicine, or scientists from exploring what is outside currently accepted science.

To find out more about the forces putting pressure on doctors and working to deny patients the right to choose homeopathic medicine. Read more …….

We are living in strange times.  We are discovering that the experts we relied on cannot always be trusted. That profit driven vested interests have become so powerful that corruption has become endemic. That for a price some professionals are willing to state as fact, things which they know to be untrue. Unwillingly we all must spend part of each day trying to separate the fake news from the truth.

In no field is this more rife and problematic than in science and medicine. There is almost no independent research because multi-national corporations are funding the university departments doing the research and require a return on their investment.
Well respected scientists who chose to look for answers to controversial questions have found themselves ridiculed, defunded and no longer called upon to represent their institutions. The ramifications can be life changing, for them and also for humanity  Read more …….

It is not widely known but as a patient it is your right to choose the kind of medicine you want to use to resolve your issues and maintain your health. Your GP is legally obliged to provide you with information about options so that you can make an informed choice. That is your legal right and your GP’s legal obligation.

Research indicates that 7.4 million people use homeopathy in the UK for themselves, their children and their animals. Globally, hundreds of millions more make that choice every day.

For more information about patient’s rights, the current situation within the NHS, how to find a homeopath and support groups, and how to help us protect access to homeopathy in the UK and support a global movement.  Read more …….

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