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So maybe you haven’t really studied ‘in a classroom’ since you left school, and might remember that as a time of being ‘talked at’, followed by hours of mindless homework…

Perhaps you really enjoyed school and university but haven’t studied much since…

Or maybe you strive to learn something new every year, and are in the habit of learning…

However long, or short, a time it is since you last learned something, it is likely you will find learning homeopathy something quite different. It isn’t something which can by learnt by reading a book, watching YouTube videos or completing a few hours of automated online questionnaires.  Homeopathy is a combination of science and skill. It is one of the reasons why it can be so challenging to research, as there are many different factors which influence an outcome, not least of which are the homeopath and the recipient.

It seems obvious that you want to learn homeopathy from good education provider, but what exactly is a “good” provider?

A good provider will supply a course which will qualify to practice in the country you chose.

Their course will enable graduates to join a reputable profession body like Homeopathy International and be recognised for professional liability and public indemnity insurance.

Even after selecting a provider with a course which meets the above requirements you need to be comfortable that the course delivery fits with your lifestyle and commitments.

The location, and the communication you have with provider are also important; you are going to commit a lot of time, effort and money to your training so make sure it feels right from the start.

Where to find a good education provider

Select from Homeopathy International approved UK Training Providers or visit our International Training Providers page to view approved providers throughout the world.



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