Tweet relating to the fatal shooting on 13th August 2021

Issued 14th August 2021

Homeopathy International in no way, shape or form, blames the victims for the recent tragedy in Plymouth, UK and extends its heartfelt sympathy to their families.

The tweet sent out from the Twitter account of one of our members in no way reflects the thoughts or opinions of this organisation, nor the thoughts or opinions of the homeopathic profession.

We are truly sorry if the member’s personal tweet has caused any distress.

Homeopathy International is a profession body with strong ethical standards, and that said our remit is limited to the area of homeopathic practice. We cannot be responsible for a member’s (legally compliant) personal opinion on matters unrelated to homeopathy.

Update 17th August 2021

The HINT Steering Committee met today to consider the implications of the member’s actions and, after a thorough investigation, the committee was satisfied that although the content and the timing of the tweet in question was abhorrent, the tweet and other related tweets, were made in the personal capacity of the member and did not relate in any way to other homeopaths, homeopathy itself or the homeopathic profession.

As a profession organisation we are aware of our duty of care and guidance to our members and will continue to fulfil that duty in respect of this member. 

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