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As Patients we have a personal responsibility to actively maintain our health, the health of those we love and the health of the Earth.   In order to do so, we have the Right to rethink current NHS practice, to be treated as Equals and reclaim the inherent Right to Health.  We are committed to challenging discrimination and unfair treatment in safe and appropriate ways.

The Human Rights Act 2000, The Equality Act 2010, NHS Act 2010, Health and Social Care Act 2012 and The Montgomery Ruling 2014 are enshrined in UK Law but are not implemented in daily NHS practice.

We may assume that Health Freedom is automatic in a country which prides itself on being a democratic leader but that is not the reality in the current NHS System.  “The reason for this has nothing to do with effectiveness, or safety, or local funding issues – but it has everything to do with the monopoly position of Conventional, drug-based medicine within the NHS, and the determination to maintain it, at any cost.” Anne Milton MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Public Health, speaking at the Smith Institute’s ‘post-election policy debate on priorities for health’, 13 July 2010.

All of these Acts proscribe any form of conduct which includes discrimination, harassment and victimisation of UK citizens.
I think it is safe to say that patients who choose Homeopathy are harassed, discriminated against and victimised.

In 2018 NHS England gave CCGs across the NHS a directive to withdraw payment for Homeopathy to achieve minimal savings. Announcing the plans, Simon Stevens, NHS England’s chief executive, said homeopathy is “at best a placebo and a misuse of scarce NHS funds” Insert SS’s CV.

Prescriptions for homeopathic treatments cost NHS England £92,412 in 2016.  Conventional prescriptions are currently costed at £18bn.

NHS England’s action adds to the anti-patient propaganda, which has been evident across past years; promoting the very health inequalities the NHS vows to eradicate .  The assertion that there is “no evidence” and that patients are at risk is clearly fatuous.  It is time to stop ridiculing and discriminating against patients who have benefitted from using Homeopathy and for many decades and who have personal experience of pharmaceutical damage. Insert link to main webpage iro efficacy, research, etc, etc.

It is time for NHS England to strongly endorse all patients’ Rights to re-assert their Legal, Democratic and Constitutional Right to self determination of medical treatment on the NHS.

Giving credence to the myth of “lack of evidence” encourages discrimination against not only practitioners, but against patients.  It results in patients being robbed of the Rights afforded under the NHS Constitution link to NHS Constitution

Every UK citizen is guaranteed access to Informed Consent regarding NHS services.  It is clear that as equal decision makers in matters pertaining to their health, patients are to be advised and informed by their doctors, not bullied and brow beaten in to submission. As patients, we do not consent to being treated as intellectually inferior, nor to having our opinions for ourselves and our families disregarded.

Notwithstanding the findings of the  2013 Parliamentary Science and Technology Committee which described the lack of transparency of many clinical trials as “unacceptable” and that it had not been impressed with Government efforts to tackle the problem to date, nothing has been done to date to reassure patients that the prescription drugs on the NHS are safe. Despite calling for government action in 2013, historic trials have not been published.

Five years later, in October 2018 A Parliamentary Commons Select Committee acknowledged that “Failing to publish data from clinical trials presents risk to human health”   The Research integrity: clinical trials transparency Report highlights the work previously done by campaigners, which shows that a shocking 50% of clinical trials do not publish any results, presenting risks to human health and increasing research wastage.

The obvious implication is that Patients cannot be assured which medicines may safely be prescribed and which patients may suffer devastating side effects as a consequence. Link to MHRA FOI

To suggest that Homeopathy is a “dangerous and ineffective” and that those patients who benefit from it are the victims of charlatans, or may suffer harm by refraining from  conventional treatment, is insulting to Patients’ collective intelligence and demeaning to Patients’ collective experience.  It suggests that Patients are unable to discern whether or not symptoms have been alleviated and healing has taken place.  It further suggests that Patients are incapable of determining where damage as a result of drug side effects has been experienced.

The Homeopathic process is clearly not universally understood, but until such time as Humanity can proclaim that all science is known, all Universal Knowledge understood, it is arrogant in the extreme to claim that patients heal as a result of the “placebo” effect. To date more than three thousand studies worldwide have failed to accurately map, explain the process, or reach consensus on a process which yields the astonishing successes attributed to “placebo”.  While the scientific process remains elusive Patients must be given the Right to Choose.

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