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Welcome to the HINT Supporters page of Homeopathy International. Here you will find information and resources about Homeopathy in general, about how you can improve your access to it, and how to help us promote it in the UK.

Homeopathy in a Nutshell

Homeopathy respects the innate wisdom of the human body and its ability to heal itself.    Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy, described this with the German word Lebenskraft, a word very much used in everyday life in Germany, meaning life force or vital force.   Based on this understanding he developed the laws and principles of this complete medical system, first written down in his Organon of Medicine in 1810 and still valid today. The most important ones are:

  • law of similars (like cures like): a substance that produces specific symptoms in a healthy person will cure these symptoms in an ill person
  • law of the minimum dose: in minute doses, toxic substances become curative
  • principle of dynamisation: the medicinal properties latent in natural substances while in their crude state, become activated by a process of succussion (vigorous shaking)
  • principle of provings (medicine tests): a systematic investigation of the pathogenic (disease-producing) power of homeopathic medicines on healthy human beings, where a group of healthy individuals take a homeopathically prepared substance over a period of time and report symptoms; usually double-blinded (patients and supervisor do not know which substance is given, and who has received a placebo)


Rethinking Medicine

As Patients we have a personal responsibility to actively maintain our health, the health of those we love and the health of the Earth.   In order to do so, we have the Right to rethink current NHS practice, to be treated as Equals and reclaim the inherent Right to Health.  We are committed to challenging discrimination and unfair treatment in safe and appropriate ways.

The Human Rights Act 2000, The Equality Act 2010, NHS Act 2010, Health and Social Care Act 2012 and The Montgomery Ruling 2014 are enshrined in UK Law but are not implemented in daily NHS practice.

We may assume that Health Freedom is automatic in a country which prides itself on being a democratic leader but that is not the reality in the current NHS System.  “The reason for this has nothing to do with effectiveness, or safety, or local funding issues – but it has everything to do with the monopoly position of Conventional, drug-based medicine within the NHS, and the determination to maintain it, at any cost.” Anne Milton MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Public Health, speaking at the Smith Institute’s ‘post-election policy debate on priorities for health’, 13 July 2010.

All of these Acts proscribe any form of conduct which includes discrimination, harassment and victimisation of UK citizens.
I think it is safe to say that patients who choose Homeopathy are harassed, discriminated against and victimised.


Homeopathy in the NHS and in Private Practice

It is not commonly known, but Homeopathy has always been available on the NHS because its founder, Aneurin (Nye) Bevan, had a homeopathic doctor and insisted that homeopathy must be included. He wrote in 1948 that “…under the National Health Service Act homeopathic institutions will be enabled to provide their own form of treatment and that the continuity of the characteristics of those institutions will be maintained…”


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